Mini Split System

Ductless Mini-Split System

“Mini-Split” Systems are actually a “combination” system, that have both a heating and a cooling function.

As the name implies, a “Ductless” Mini-split system has no “ductwork” to distribute cool/warm air throughout the house like a conventional heating/cooling system. lg heat pump 600 optThe Mini-splits consist of two units, an outdoor “compressor/condenser” and an inside “air handler” unit(s). Mini split systems are popular where ductwork can’t easily be installed, such as home room additions, basements, enclosed, and porches.

If you are considering utilizing a Mini Split System, request a consultation with Taylor Mechanical. We will explain all of the considerations that must be taken into account prior to making a decision on whether a mini-split system will work efficiently for you.

Popular Brands

Some of the popular brands area: Fujitsu Mini SplitMitsubishi Mini Split, Daikin Mini Split, Gree Mini Split, Carrier Mini Split, and Panasonic Mini Splits

Mini-Split System Research

Learn more about the mini-split system’s advantages and disadvantages.  Learn More Here

Mini Split System Installation and Replacement

If you are considering installing a Mini Split System, Contact us for advice about all of the considerations that should be taken on installing a mini-split system. Once you come to a decision, we can make recommendations for the most cost-effective options for your installation.

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Mini-Split System FAQs

Properly maintained a mini split system can last 10-20 years

Yes, just like traditional a/c systems, annual maintenance is required to keep it running at top efficiency

Mini-splits work best when they run continuously, it will use less energy and keep your room temperatures more even.

Actually a mini-split system uses less energy than conventional cooling systems and can cut energy costs by as much as 30%.

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