Hot Water Heaters

What is The Purpose of a Hot Water Heater?

As the name suggests a hot water heater provides a home with a steady supply of hot water to be used for bathing and washing.

water heaterA water heater can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or propane.

There are two basic types of hot water heaters, a tank type, and a “tankless” type. The tank type holds from 40-60 gallons of water for use as needed, while the “tankless” type differs by providing instant hot water on an “as needed” basis.

Popular Brands

Some of the more popular brands of hot water heaters are: Bradford White water heatersA.O. Smith water heaters, American Standard water heaters, Polaris water heaters, and Rheem Water heaters.

Hot Water Heater Research

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System Installation and Replacement

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Hot Water Heater FAQs

A “conventional” hot water tank should last 10 to 15 years, a “tankless” type will last 20 years.

Water leaks are the leading problems.

Water heaters should be flushed out every 6 to 12 months, depending on their use to eliminate any build-up sediment.

Tankless hot water tanks initially cost more, but they last longer and have lower energy operating cost over their life span

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