Furnace Heating Systems

How a Furnace Heating System Works

Furnaces have been used for home heating for decades. A furnace heating system, (not to be confused with a “boiler heating system”) uses different types of fuels (natural gas, propane, electricity, fuel oil) to heat air. furnace

This warm air is then distributed throughout your home through a ventilation duct system. Each type of furnace fuel type has its own advantages and disadvantages, based on costs and efficiency ratings.

Popular Furnace Brands

Popular brands of furnaces are Goodman Furnaces, Carrier Furnaces, Lennox Furnaces, Rheem Furnaces, Trane Furnaces, and Bryant Furnaces.

Furnace Heating System Research

 Learn about the different types of furnaces, furnace efficiency, installations, and replacements.   Learn More Here

System Installation and Replacement

The age and the preventive maintenance and service history of your furnace will be the determining factors of when a new furnace installation will have to occur.  

The “type” of furnace you are replacing will have a huge impact on the final installation costs due to the complexity of the different components that make up the heating system.

When you do find yourself in need of a furnace replacement, you will want to be assured you are dealing with an HVAC company that is experienced and has the expertise to complete the project in a timely manner to create the least disruption to your home possible.

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Furnace System FAQs

Natural Gas, Oil, Electric, and Propane fired furnaces

Natural Gas fired furnaces are the most frequent type of furnace, probably due to the fact that they are the least expensive.

Generally speaking, an oil-fired furnace lasts the longest, with a gas-fired furnace lasting the shortest.

This will depend on the type of furnace and efficiency rating but the average range is $2000 to $6500

Maintaining a consistent schedule of changing the furnace filter!

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